Across the Fire….

When I walked through….

My eyes were squinting as I stood under the blazing afternoon Sun. My brow was frowned, lined with sweat. My legs were limping from all the fatigue; and my mind was full of chaos…chaos of the fight between the heart and the brain, between passion and sanity! The path ahead of me was forked!

I stood there, betrayed by the journey that I had embarked upon. It asked me questions that I never promised to answer, gave me scars that I never wished to embrace…made me choose my soul against the world or…the world against my soul!

In front of me, was the horizon…the unsung liar! The one who had sung to me the lies of this world, the fallacy of life…the one who tricked me, deceived me to believe the love story of the serene sky and the jovial Earth and how they come together in the end…the one who made me fantasize a life where I wouldn’t have to choose between parts of my own being!

But Alas! I stood there, waiting for life to tear me apart!

29 Replies to “Fallacy…”

  1. There’s always so much depth in your posts and it never fails to touch a sensitive nerve. You have an incredible ability to express the deepest emotions with flair !
    Kudos to you !
    PS : I usually write about these emotions, but never publish it. Pain is the fuel to creativity 🙂

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    1. I agree! Nothing ignites creativity as beautifully as pain! And also, I think you have a great writing style and should totally consider publishing those articles!
      Thank you so much Aditya! I am so glad that you like my writing style! The fact that you were able to connect with the article and that the emotions came across as intended is a great compliment for me as a writer!

      Liked by 1 person

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