Left in the storm…


The day showered last of its sheen upon the world as flakes of snow descended from the heavens above. The landscape around was a vast stretch of snow, a white blanket as far as the eye could see. The road that I was following was like a sharp knife cutting through the blanket.

Tall trees stood on either side of my path. They were covered in snow…concealed under a cold white mask.

There was silence but not peace. The air was tense, taut enough to wring out bravery out of the bravest. It was the calm before the storm. I needed shelter!

As I continued on my path, exploring my surroundings for a safe refuge, my eyes fell upon a cottage. My happiness knew no bounds. I rushed through the woods, as fast as I could, but…but as I approached further, I noticed!

I noticed that a woman stood behind the window, as if she had been waiting for me since an eternity, as if she knew that I would come.

Her eyes were glowing; a strange fire was burning in them, a fire so hypnotic that you could even get lost watching it.

A light snow flake landed on my nose. I looked around, realizing that the storm had already begun. Winds were howling like hungry wolves. I braced myself to run as fast as I could. I had to reach the shelter!

But….as I turned towards it, I saw that the cottage was ablaze, fire eating it up, an epitome of the flames in the woman’s eyes.

She was still standing there. I looked in her eyes to question her intent. Light from the flames revealed her face.

She was ME! Me?

She gave me a crooked smile and left me to suffer in the storm.

My mind burned the last bit of love in my heart and left my heart to suffer in the storm of hatred!

48 Replies to “Left in the storm…”

  1. When you see the hand meets the paper and words that transpire with heartbeat of the quill so. They become as one its like seeing reflection of yourself and most intimate thoughts every quake , pulse of your desires comes alive .
    Well done never be afraid to let raw compassion to be one with the quill together as a complete entity they tell epic journey .
    A P E X

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! That comment warms my heart! I am so glad that I could connect with you through my words!😊💕
      You are correct. One should never shy away from sharing one’s story and thoughts!☺️
      Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so sorry for this terribly late response. The comment got spammed!😅😅

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      1. Never stray from your true self!

        No worries anytime feel free to drop in into my Domain .

        I ‘ve bern busy working on some segaments as well as telling my Testament of surreal dismay .



        Liked by 1 person

      2. Very true!🙂
        Totally. I am so excited to be checking out your site 😊
        Oh great! I wish you all the luck with your endeavours ☺️
        Have a great day ahead 🙂


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