Why so scared to live?

You put walls to my valor and then expect me to break them. You give me keys to the same door you locked me behind. You strangle me in my own strengths and call them my weaknesses. You spin my life in a loop of paradoxes and then label me a mess. 

What is so endearing about the sin of holding minds captive? What makes you want to force people to act against their free will? What pride does it bring to you by judging people for what they love? 

Why must a person hold back from living the life of their dreams? Why is expression a prerequisite to people-pleasing instead of being a vehicle for love? 

Is this how we will eventually lose the art of loving? And then what is to live if it is not to love? 

Oftentimes, at night, I weave thoughts out of my never-ending trail of memories. For a reason or another, it’s often under the deep cloak of darkness when these tales of the past come rushing to me. As if somehow, they know that nights are my safe space when I need to hide away from the world.

But then, why must a safe space be frowned upon? What, in fact, must be despised is the need for one!

We proudly boast of the world as our home and then find hideaways in it. On days when the norms become so heavy, we feel the need to rebel against them, and to do so out in the open isn’t the kind of courage we ever found in ourselves. 

Homes must be safe, shouldn’t they be? It’s sad how they aren’t, but then again, isn’t unusual. 

We appreciate the lack of chaos more than the presence of calm. We celebrate silence over peace. More often than not, we don’t even flinch before raising hell in our hearts just to keep fires from burning around us. 

What good does it serve to deny problems when they actually exist? Why are all of us simply escapists pretending to be seeking solutions? Is the problem too big for the answer too insignificant? What holds us back from letting it all go and diving back in? Why so scared to live?

– Gauri Walecha

*Disclaimer: The artist doesn’t intend to comment upon or speak about any of the current socio-economic or political scenarios through this video or its contents. This is purely a work of literature presented here only for entertainment purposes. Any political or socio-economic inferences drawn from the video or its contents are solely the viewer’s interpretation. The artist is not responsible for any such individual interpretations and doesn’t endorse them either.

4 Replies to “Why so scared to live?”

    1. Hi Sonya! First of all, I would like to thank you for being a constant support in my writing journey. I can’t express how deeply I appreciate your presence here.

      Yes, I have been trying to make my content more and more authentic, letting go of the need to hold back due to any kind of unnecessary pressures I put on myself.

      The thought dawned over me recently when I took an inventory of how much I actually want to say and how little of it has reached the world.

      I hope you like the posts that are yet to come out. They come straight from my heart.

      So grateful for your support.


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