Burns and Ashes- Spoken Word

Black and burnt hearts fall down to ashes when you aim at them with the cupid’s arrow. If that doesn’t scare you enough against love stories gone rogue, then you may want to grab a glimpse of the poison spat rose pressed in the old and worn pages of a happy love story.

Heartbreaks are like untimely deaths, and the tears that follow are like watered flames of a rain-drenched funeral. Eulogies die under muffled heavy breaths and you sob till the next mourning sun dawns over your moonless night. You face that sun, smelling like stale giggles and sour hugs.

A curse too harsh for the lover inside you!

What happens next? That lover elopes.

You stop seeing the world through pink stained glasses. Your whites don’t preach out peace now, instead, they scream indifference. The yellows don’t sing for joy, but they lie, down and dusted.

Your world is no longer a castle made up of stardust and crystals. Your slippers aren’t glass and you don’t walk around, crowned with flowers. 

Now, you reign the voids and your fires cast shadows of their own. You find comfort in darkness and the Sun burns at your skin.

You sleep to howling wolves and wake up to fighting Ravens. But, regardless, you live; you learn to…

You learn to live, adorning ashes and romancing burnt ruins. You are a lone poet, except, now you aren’t in love with ‘love’.

You bleed in the darkest shade of blue and weave out gospels. But, no matter which storm pulls you into its eye, you write… and you live!

– Gauri Walecha

13 Replies to “Burns and Ashes- Spoken Word”

  1. Hey Gauri! Long time no see. Missed your writings and the awe they bring to not only my heart, but my mind as well. This seemed like a break-up at first, but the rawness of it couldn’t have been as simple as that. It sounded like someone stopped loving themselves-because they lost their loved one or perhaps another reason. It sounds like this is essentially the breaking of them: the before them vs. the after. A dichotomy of sorts. I truly don’t know if that’s what you intended though πŸ˜‚

    Anyways, how have you been? :3

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    1. Hey Nour! Goodness, it has been so long. How have you been?

      I would say I am doing okay. Things were a little rough and sad the past few months, but I am recovering and I believe I will be back to being happy soon.

      You are so kind with your words Man! I am so glad my writings could find their own little place in your heart.

      Well, I originally wrote this a few months back, and at that time it was definitely about a break-up I had way back in the past. I sort of wanted to draw a journey of how it is usually the broken heart that brings a person’s art out into the world. But yes, I recently lost a loved one, and you could say that the spoken word was definitely coming from that space of bereavement. You got that right! πŸ˜‰

      I hope you have been doing good man. I really missed having you around in the comments here. Keep visiting!


      1. I know right! It’s been a lil tough here as well but we power through c:

        I’ll keep on hoping for that for both of us, my friend. Wish I could help more tho

        I’m lucky to be able to read them!
        Yeah, I can definitely see that. I’m sorry for your loss. I hope the pain that comes along with it eases with time.

        Will do now that I’m back to track!

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